Top 3 most boring and overrated Nigerian Instagram comedians

Akham Papa

Instagram comedy is a lucrative passion in Nigeria and many have made enough fortunes via the profession. There are hundreds of people who is into comedy on the popular app.

Just like in many other professions, there are gurus and there are non-talented ones. There are also ones who are overrated and do not deserve the publicity they enjoy.

In no particular order, below are the 3 most boring and overrated Instagram comedians in Nigeria.

  1. Cute Abiola

Also known as Lawyer Kunle is apparently one of the most popular comedians that gained fame on social media.
Cute Abiola has provided many skits mostly as a lawyer which earned him the nickname “Lawyer Kunle”.

He is also one of the pioneers of Instagram comedy thereby has the authority in the niche.
The young Ilorin man of recent has been losing his values, most especially with his boring skits and non-entertaining comedy videos.

It is widely accepted that comedies do not have to be deep in meaning but must be necessarily funny. It is unfortunate that his recent videos lack both depth and comic value expected of a standard comedian.

He, also speaks English with flaws and in the wrongest intonation thereby raising dissatisfaction where many fans keep wondering if he is under compulsion to speak English.

If Cute Abiola really wants to stand out and gain a lasting relevance on the comedy phase, he needs to retrace his steps and go back to his drawing board to sketch out more productive contents.

2. Josh2funny

Personally, I’ve nicknamed him ‘JoshNotFunny’ because of the kind of heartbreaking projects he rolls out.

Josh is a long time IG comedian with a very huge fan base. He was a centre of excellence in the comedy scene when his mantra “Don’t leave me” went viral and even caught the attention of international personalities.

He is absolutely better off as a standard movie actor but not as a comedian as he does not provide a standard project that would make people return to his page.

Instead, he makes many boring videos that if not because of his long history in the business, many might have deserted him for funnier persons.

3. RealwarriPikin

This boring woman boasts of 2million IG followers but the amount of followers she has is not synonymous to the content she dishes out.

She centres on thuggery-like scenes which wouldn’t even make a happy man smile.

Most of the time when she’s featured in another person’s skits, she acts dummy and never convince fans of his comedy profession.

Although she speaks Pidgin fluently which is one of her selling points but she does her roles in excess which makes her look like a mediocre or dummy in the comedy section.


Although, this piece is not to discredit the works of these great stars but to improve their qualities in producing more meaningful content to the fans.

Who do you think is more boring among them?

Who else do you think should be on the list?

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