Landlord Caught Pants Down Sleeping With Tenant’s Wife( Photo)

Drama in Benrose Estate, Murang’a Town. A landlord was busted making out with a tenant’s wife who had not paid rent for two months.

Going by the reports, the landlord identified as James Kamau is said to have told the lady, Mary Waithera, to sleep with him so that he can lift the two months overdue rent.

Reports have it that Mary is a grocery seller and has been having challenges after her husband became ill.

Narrating Mary’s situation,

“Her husband has been ill. As a result, she has been depending on other neighbors and friends for food.”

According to Mary’s neighbors,

“Mary is beautiful and it’s only by God’s grace that she has not left her husband because w0th her beauty, she can get another man very easily. Maybe that’s why Kamau took advantage of her.”

On the other side, Kamau defended himself by saying Mary had agreed to it.

“Mary agreed, I don’t know why everyone is so angry at me. I was just trying to help seeing that she was unable to pay her rent,” Kamau said.

He also added that he regretted taking advantage of the poor lady but had to do it in return of waiving her rent.

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