I Married My Own Mother – Lesbian Boldly Reveals and Causes Stir

The world we live in now is quite strange, and always there is a new thing that surfaces on the internet. Gone are the days when one will think of something before engaging themselves in, but now it seems people do anything their heart desire and what they rather feel in right.

There are a lot of cases that we mostly meet on the internet which shocks and surprises us.

A story of a mother and daughter who are lesbian and have got married breaks the internet. There have been many reactions on the internet concerning the news.

A young lady, identified simply as Lolita has shared her shocking story of how she got married to her biological mother.

Lolita and her mother were deeply criticized for the act, however they continued with it. The daughter made this post through social media, and she states it that;

“My mother is all I have… my mother knows how to make me happy,” Lolita remarked.

Lolita also indicated she wanted to live with her mother. So she married her.

Loreta, 44, said one of her biggest delights was marrying her daughter.

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