Two male students grind on female student [VIDEO]

The attitude of Senior high students in our country is becoming sad, as they are seen on social media doing the unbelievable things which is not part of their main reasons in the school.

There are numerous time we see some of these students on social twerking and holding each other on campus instead of learning.

Now, the youths of this generation has no fear and shame to expose their body on social media. Gone are the days when the young ones find it difficult to do certain things which they know is wrong.

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According to a video spotted in social media, a female student was seen dancing in between two male students as they were seen “Grinding” each other in front of their colleges in public.

According to the video, a male student was seen “grinding” a female student at her back while another make student was seen in front of the lady. These is becoming a problem to this country and school authorities must act fast to put an end to the attitude some of these students exhibit on campus.

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