7 foods men should eat before sëx

One of the most important parts of a man’s well-being is his reproductive health. It is as important as his general well-being and not just for procreation. Any damage done to a man’s reproductive health might also affect his general health eventually.

This has a lot to do with what he decides to eat. There are certain foods a man should avoid, and there are some he should eat to keep his reproductive organs healthy. The following are foods that men should eat and ones to avoid to improve their reproductive health:

1. According to WebMD, men are advised to eat food that is rich in zinc because it increases the production of male reproductive cells and their motility. Examples of foods that are rich in zinc are starchy grains such as wheat, rice, oatmeal, maize, yogurt, and cashew.

2. Try to drink some coffee to get some caffeine into your body. This will help your nervous system regain its energy. However, don’t drink it whenever you are about to sleep because it may cause insomnia.

3. Load your body with some watermelon. It is rich in citrulline, an amino acid that converts into another bitter amino acid that boosts the production of spermatozoa. It also enables the flow of blood to your genitalia

4. Chocolates will also be good for your reproductive health. Just the aroma can release some happy hormones that are associated with the urge for intimacy.

5. The rich yellowish pulp inside avocados is high in fiber and fatty acids that are essential for a healthy heart. When a man has a healthy heart, it helps his reproductive organs function effectively.

6. Avoid fatty foods, especially the ones containing saturated fats. It can interfere with the flow of blood to your external reproductive organ.

7. Avoid drinking too much alcohol because it will reduce the level of testosterone in your body and further weaken the flow of blood and the sensitivity of your nerves. This can make you feel tired, and arousal might be difficult to achieve.

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